Welcome to the future

The future solution to keep your weed fresh and safe. Giyotin’s CannaPuck gives your Cannabis a 100% odour-proof, waterproof and UV-protected shell of super light flight aluminium.

Limited Artwork Grinder with Nano Technology Ceramic Surface for super clean Experiences


Never again a sticky or dirty Grinder through
our Stain-Resistant Nano Ceramic Surface

Durable Surface

Hygienic Material which is very robust
against Scratches and Streaks.

Super Light

A core of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum keeps
our Grinder super light and easy to use.

Premium Weed Grinder

Giyotin Grinder, the place where enjoyment meets perfection. The best and most effective way to crush your weed, herbs or tabacco. Our super light 4-piece aircraft aluminium  grinder are the result of years of experience. Discover the best, discover Giyotin