Ceramic Grinder

Limited Artwork Grinder with Nano Technology Ceramic Surface for super clean Experiences

Benefits that make our grinder unique

Stain Resistant

Never again a sticky or dirty Grinder through
our Stain-Resistant Nano Ceramic Surface.

Super Light

A core of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum keeps
our Grinder super light and easy to use.

Durable Surface

Hygienic Material which is very robust against
Scratches and Streaks.

Diamond Curved Blades

Razor sharp Diamond curved Cutting Blades for
extreme efficiency Experiences.

130° Bottom Edge Design

New bottom edge with a 130° design for cleaning
or scraping easily your pollen out.
A top view of the four key benefits of Giyotin Ceramic Weed Grinders with additional zoom elements. The Key Benefits are titled: Ceramic Surface, No Crossed Threads, Finest Pollen Screen and Polyurethan Ring.

Testermonials by the Community

Candy Blue Cookie Timer Ceramic Surface Weed Grinder in front view on a stoned ground.
Cookie Timer 4 Piece Ceramic Surface Herb Grinder on standing on Side View on the product packing box. This Weed Grinder comes in Candy Blue with a cool comic design on the top part.
Giyotin 4 Piece Weed Grinder with ceramic surface in opened chambers on stone ground. besides the packaging of the herb grinder and additional weed accessories which are included.